How Does Interval World Exchange Compare With Other Major Vacation Ownership Sites?


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There are many similarities between Interval International and other timeshare exchange companies, including the ability to exchange a week in one place for a week in another location. There are also many differences, such as the cost of exchanging one place for another and the ease of doing so.

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As one of the largest timeshare exchange companies, Interval International, known as II boasts a selection of more than 2,900 resorts in over 80 nations, as of 2015. In comparison, RCI, the largest timeshare exchange company, has nearly 4,500 affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries, and Hawaii Time Share Exchange only specializes in exchanges among Hawaiian resorts.

Interval International offers a variety of exchange programs for members. For a fee, members of Interval International and RCI can exchange a week's vacation for two or more shorter breaks of six or fewer days. Members of both companies can trade a portion of their points for airfare, cruises, hotel stays and rental cars. Members of smaller companies, such as Crown Vacation Exchange, cannot.

International Interval and RCI offer vacation packages to their members, which includes a discounted rate for hotels and attraction tickets, while many of the smaller companies do not. RCI and II have membership fees; many of the less-popular companies do not.

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