How Do You Find an Interstate 95 Toll Calculator?

As of 2015, there is no toll calculator that covers Interstate 95 from Maine to Florida. Drivers interested in a toll calculator should check to see if the length of I-95 that they are traveling contains tolls and then use the toll calculator for that specific section. Some states, such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island, do not collect tolls on I-95.

Drivers who wish to use a toll calculator for I-95 can use the following steps to find one and calculate the toll.

  1. Determine if there are tolls
  2. Go to a site such as "Interstate 95 Exit Guide" to determine which sections of I-95 contain tolls. For example, the New Jersey turnpike section has both northbound and southbound tolls while the JFK Memorial Highway in Maryland only has northbound tolls, as of 2015.

  3. Go to the I-95 section's website
  4. If the section of I-95 has tolls, go to its website to find the toll calculator. For example, the New Jersey Turnpike toll calculator is located on the turnpike's official website.

  5. Calculate the toll
  6. Click on "Toll rates" in the "Travel resources" drop-down box, and then click on "Start calculator" to calculate the tolls.

  7. Repeat steps as needed
  8. Continue calculating tolls for every section that will be traveled. Add the results together for the total toll amount.