What Are Some Interesting Facts to Teach Kids About the Grand Canyon?


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Some interesting facts to teach kids about the Grand Canyon are that it measures more than 270 miles in length and 18 miles across and that the canyon descends more than a mile deep. Despite its considerable size, it is not the longest, widest or deepest canyon in the world.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts to Teach Kids About the Grand Canyon?
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The Grand Canyon is in northern Arizona. John Wesley Powell's expedition was the first to descend into the canyon. Although the Grand Canyon first received protection from the federal government in 1893, it did not receive National Park status until 1919. It was the 17th area to receive this status. As of 2015, the National Park encompasses more than a million acres.

More than five million visitors travel to the Grand Canyon annually. In addition to viewing the sight, many visitors enjoy hiking in the area and rafting on the Colorado River inside the canyon. Visitor who want to camp overnight in the Grand Canyon must visit the Backcountry Office to obtain a permit.

Due to time and erosion, the canyon walls display a history of the Earth in the layers of the rock. Rocks found at the bottom of the canyon are more than 2 billion years old. Ruins and artifacts found in the area reveal that humans first inhabited the area more than 12,000 years ago.

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