What Are Some Interesting Facts About Sweden?

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Sweden?

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Sweden?

Lakes occupy more than 9% of Sweden’s total area. As of 2015, Sweden motivates high school students by paying them $187 per month. Sweden experiences 56 days of daylight around the clock in summer and 32 days of total darkness in winter.

Sweden experiences extreme weather variations along its 1,574 kilometer stretch with -53 Celsius in the far north and +38 Celsius in the south.

Sweden is among the homelands of Germanic ethnicity and culture, with the Suevirs, the Norses and the Goths tracing their origin to Sweden.

Between 1850 and 1940, 1.5 million out of the 3.5 million Swedish population migrated to North America.

The population of Sweden has nearly doubled over the last 100 years.

Sweden had a Charles VII, but strangely, never had Charles I to VI.

Sweden has never participated in any war for more than two centuries despite being a leading producer of weapons.

As of 2015, parents in Sweden are entitled to a 480 day paid maternity or paternity leave, to be shared between the mother and father.

Sweden has insufficient trash and imports garbage from Norway to keep their electricity generating plants running.

As of 2015, American textbooks are cheaper in Sweden than in the United States.

Nordstan in Gothenburg is Europe’s largest shopping mall covering 320,000 square meters.

Saint Lucia is a nationally celebrated catholic saint in the protestant Scandinavian region.

Sweden legalized homosexual relations in 1944.

On average, Swedish women have their first child at the age of 30.