What Are Some Interesting Facts About the State of Wyoming?


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Wyoming is first state to have a national park, a national ranger station, a national forest and a national monument. The national park was Yellowstone, which was established in 1872. Congress created the Territory of Wyoming in 1868, and it became the 44th state on July 10, 1890.

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The first national ranger station, Wapiti, was established in 1891 in Wyoming's Shoshone National Park, which was the first national forest. It was also established in 1891. The nation's first national monument, Devil's Tower in the Black Hills, was established in 1906. Grand Teton became a national park in 1929.

Wyoming was also the first state to have a county public library system. This was founded in 1886 in Laramie County.

Women won the right vote in Wyoming in 1869, and in 1870 Esther Hobart Morris became the first female justice of the peace in the United States. Nellie Tayloe Ross became governor of Wyoming in 1925. She was the first female governor in the country. The state motto is "Equal Rights."

The area of Wyoming has had human habitation for at least 12,000 years. The first peoples were the Clovis, the Folsom and the Eden Valley peoples. Later, Wyoming was inhabited by nomadic American Indians known as Plains Indians. These included the Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Nez Perce, Sioux, Shoshone and Ute peoples.

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