What Are Some Interesting Facts About St. Vincent and the Grenadines?


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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines consists of a 20-kilometer long island called Saint Vincent and several small ones. Most of the islands are volcanic and posses very little flat ground. The national bird of the country is the Amazona Guildingi. This special bird got part of its name from Lansdown Guilding, a theologian and early naturalist known for his works on the flora and fauna of the country and other Caribbean islands.

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The capital city of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown, is the main port and commercial center of the country, with 40 percent of the population living there. Important export items include bananas, coconuts and arrowroot.

Even though Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has been a British colony for 196 years, Kingstown was originally founded by French settlers in 1722, and many examples of the country's French heritage are still visible as of 2015. Kingstown is also called "The City of Arches" with more than 400 arches to be found in the city. It is also home to one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world, with conservation of plants been practiced since 1765. William Bligh, a naval officer and colonial administrator, brought breadfruit plants to Saint Vincent in 1793. The plants can still be seen in the gardens.

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