What Are Some Interesting Facts About Sorrento, Italy?

interesting-sorrento-italy Credit: Holger Leue / LOOK-foto/LOOK/Getty Images

Sorrento, Italy, one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, officially became a part of Italy in 1861, although it has a history dating back over 2,000 years. Its earliest known origins place it as part of the ancient Roman civilization, and it also displays evidence of early Greek influences.

Many civilizations have left their mark on Sorrento, including the Etruscans, the Greeks, the Oscans, the Romans, and the Turks, who invaded Sorrento in 1588. One of the earliest known historical accounts of Sorrento occurred when the famous eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, which destroyed Pompeii in the year 79, caused an earthquake that rattled Sorrento. Later, in the year 420, the area became part of a bishopric of the Catholic Church. In 1133, it became part of the kingdom of Sicily.

Later, during the 18th and 19th centuries, Sorrento began to gain a reputation as a beautiful vacation spot for tourists from around the world. As a result, this period saw great cultural and economic growth of the area. Many famous artists and writers, such as Lord Byron, John Keats, Charles Dickens and Friedrich Nietzsche, visited Sorrento during this time. Today, Sorrento is known as an international tourist destination with modern accommodations, providing a point for tourists to explore famous landmarks such as Naples, Herculaneum and Amalfi.