What Are Some Interesting Facts About Pennsylvania?


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Pennsylvania is nicknamed the "Keystone State" and it has more licensed hunters, covered bridges and pretzel bakeries than anywhere else in the country. The state drink is milk, the state dog is the Great Dane and the state insect is the firefly.

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Pennsylvania earned its nickname the "Keystone State" because it was the middle colony of the original 13 colonies. The U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written there as was Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. There are more state game lands in Pennsylvania than elsewhere in the country. There are also more meatpacking plants. Likewise, the state is home to more mushroom production, potato chip production and sausage production than any other state.

Pennsylvania is home to many major metropolitan cities such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg, but it also has more rural population than elsewhere in the country. Two counties, Forest County and Perry County, don't have traffic lights. Its largest county, Lycoming County, is larger than Rhode Island.

The state bird is the ruffed goose, the state tree is the hemlock, the state flower is mountain laurel and the state animal is the whitetail deer. Each dairy cow in Pennsylvania produces about 22 quarts of milk a day, and the state fish, the brook trout, is the only trout native to the state. Eddie Khoury and Ronnie Bonner wrote and composed the state's official song, "Pennsylvania," which wishes the state a future filled with honor as everlasting as its history.

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