What Are Some Interesting Facts About Oak Island?

Oak Island, located off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada, holds the mysterious Money Pit. The island first gained notoriety in 1795 when three boys found a depression in the land and a tackle box hanging above it, sparking a treasure hunt that has spanned three centuries.

Since 1795, the dig on Oak Island has revealed items such as a Spanish gold doubloon, scraps of parchment paper and coconut fibers, which led to the speculation of a buried pirates' treasure. After it was dug down to a depth of 90 feet, the pit flooded, and all efforts to siphon the water failed. Carbon dating on items found within the pit led to the conclusion that if the pit were man-made its construction took place in the 16th century.

Over the centuries of searching and digging, the hunters have included business men, film actor Errol Flynn, a company co-owned by film star John Wayne and even Franklin D. Roosevelt, future president of the United States, in 1909.

The island saw death in 1965 as Bob Restall, a digger, passed out and fell into the water in the pit. The attempts by his son and two workers to save him resulted in all four perishing.

The island itself sits in Mahoe Bay. Currently, one of its residents, Dan Blankenship, owns part of the island.