What Are Some Interesting New Jersey Facts for Kids?


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New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies. The state was considered the "Crossroads of the Revolution" and was the site of more than 100 battles during the Revolutionary War. In 1758, the only Indian reservation in New Jersey was established for the Lenni-Lenape tribe. In 1801 the Indians sold the reservation to move north to live with relatives in New Stockbridge, N.Y.

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What Are Some Interesting New Jersey Facts for Kids?
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In 1858 the first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton found in North America was found in Haddonfield, N.J. William Parker Foulke was the person who found the dinosaur. At the time, the dinosaur was the first anyone had found that was able to walk on 2 legs.

Atlantic City, N.J., has the world's first and still largest boardwalk, which was constructed in 1870. It stretches 6 miles along the ocean front. Salt water taffy was created on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in the 1880s. Atlantic City is the home of the famous Steel Pier that extends in to the Atlantic Ocean for 1000 feet. On the pier, there are rides and games and the only helicopter ride in Atlantic City.

New Jersey is known as the Garden State. The nickname Garden State was added to license plates in 1954. Menlo Park, N.J., is the home of Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, the phonograph and more than a thousand other inventions.

The famous Holland Tunnel opened on Nov. 13, 1927, and lies about 93 feet below the Hudson River. The tunnel runs between New Jersey and New York and is the first mechanically ventilated underwater tunnel.

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