What Are a Few Interesting Facts About the Nation of Jordan?


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Jordan is a nearly landlocked country in the deserts of southwest Asia that is small and poor. A constitutional monarchy rules over Jordan, which has an economy based entirely on agriculture and phosphate sells.

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What Are a Few Interesting Facts About the Nation of Jordan?
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Jordan largely lacks natural resources such as oil and has joined many trade alliances in hopes of getting better prices on such materials along with more investments in renewable energy. The economy is actually the smallest in the Middle East, with a lack of resources like water and oil and the government's heavy reliance on foreign sources, resulting in a heavy national debt. High rates of poverty and unemployment also create large issues for the government. Resolutions have come in the forms of exploring nuclear power, which also presents great dangers for the country.

In Jordan, 98 percent of the population are Arab, with Circassian and Armenian making up the other 2 percent. The official language is Arabic, but knowing English is considered a sign of high class so many people learn to at least speak English. Muslims make up nearly 98 percent of the religious groups, with a mix of other religions including Christianity and Buddhism making up the last 2 percent. Over eight million people live in the small country, most of which are refugees.

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