What Are Some Interesting Facts About Monrovia, CA?

Monrovia, California, is located at the base of the San Gabriel mountains and is only 20 miles from the city of Los Angeles. Monrovia has almost 40,000 residents and is the fourth oldest general law city in the Los Angeles County area.

The southern California city of Monrovia has an area of 13.7 square miles. It received the All America City award in 1995 from the National Civic League. Notable businesses based in Monrovia include Naked Juice, Green Dot, Trader Joe's and Original Tommy's.

The precursor to the McDonald's restaurant started in Monrovia when Patrick McDonald opened a food stand on Huntington Drive called The Airdrome. Three years later, McDonald and his sons changed the name of The Airdrome to McDonald's and moved the restaurant 40 miles east to San Bernardino.

The city is home to many famous residents, including Kenny Baker, Dean R. Hirsch, Jacob Smith, The Fabulous Wonder Twins and Jason Earles. Monrovia also contains the Upton Sinclair House, the home of "The Jungle" novelist Upton Sinclair.

Films, television shows and commercials have been filmed in Monrovia, California. For example, the house at 329 Melrose Avenue is featured in the horror-comedy film "House." The house in the movie "Georgia's Rules" is also located in Monrovia at 243 N. Encinitas.