What Are Some Interesting Facts About Italy's Culture?


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Italy is where the Renaissance blossomed, and it is where the Roman Empire was located. Italy is famous for its cuisine, architecture, music and arts. As of 2014, 96 percent of the population is Italian, and Italian is the official language. Italian dialects include Sardinian, Sicilian, Venetian, Calabrian and Neapolitan.

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Italian cuisine is highly influential all over the world. The Italians are known for their love of wine, cheese and pasta. Italian food styles vary according to the region. In Northern Italy, pasta with tomatoes is a popular dish, and is often served alongside sausages, potatoes, pork, rice and cheese. In Southern Italy, many dishes use tomato sauces or fresh tomatoes, and common ingredients include capers, artichokes, peppers, olives and eggplant. Olive oil and garlic are used heavily as well.

The cities Florence, Rome and Venice are known for their abundance of art and exceptional architecture. There are many museums with treasured relics from the past, as well as public buildings and churches that contain historical works of art. Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is the most famous public art attraction. Many architectural styles are directly attributed to the Italian people, including Neoclassical, Baroque, Renaissance and classical Roman.

Italy invented opera, and most of the most famous opera singers call Italy home. Italy is also famous for fashion, with fashion houses such as Gucci and Armani originating there.

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