What Are Some Interesting Facts About Ireland for Kids?

Ireland's official name is the Republic of Ireland, and it is considered part of Europe. It is a constitutional democracy, with the capital being Dublin.

Ireland is an island nation off the coast of western Europe, and it is also Europe's second-largest island country. Ireland is known for having wide, beautiful green fields and large areas of rugged, rocky landscape and the Irish people have a great love for the outdoors and nature. Ireland has a very low pollution level, leaving the animals and plant life to thrive. Although, the seas surrounding the island have kept out lots of animals, such as snakes. There are no wild snakes in the entire country. There are also only two species of wild mice and one of lizards. Irish wildlife is heavily protected by the government's conservation laws.

Ireland's people are known for being avid storytellers, with culture of rich and interesting tales. The desire for storytelling dates all the way back to the Celtic bards, who recorded the history of the land. The first people are believed to have arrived in Ireland about 6000 B.C. and began to clear out farmland immediately. The government consists of two heads, a president and an elected parliament who make the decisions together.