What Is Some Interesting Information About Virginia?


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Some interesting information about Virginia is the various nicknames the state is known by: Old Dominion, Cavalier State, Mother of States, Mother of Presidents, Mother of Statesmen and Birthplace of A Nation. The "Old Dominion" designation stems from the fact that Virginia is one of the 13 original English colonies, with its former capital city of Jamestown serving as the first settlement of the British Empire in the New World.

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What Is Some Interesting Information About Virginia?
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Virginia derived its name from Elizabeth I, popularly known as England's Virgin Queen during the colonial period. When the first English settlers arrived in Jamestown, the colonizers established silk cultivation as the primary economic activity. The product of this venture was intended for trading with King James' court. However, a blight fungus caused a decline in silk production and tobacco soon replaced the silk industry. As of 2015, tobacco is one of the major cash crops in the state.

Virginia gained the nickname "Mother of Presidents" due to its status as the state that where eight United States Presidents were born: George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, William Harrison, James Monroe and Woodrow Wilson. Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were four of the first five serving U.S. Presidents.

The Old Dominion is also home to several renowned landmarks, including the Blue Ridge Mountains, Arlington National Cemetery, Dulles International Airport, NATO headquarters, Monticello, Mount Vernon and the Pentagon, which is the world's largest office building. The famous oratorical piece "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" was delivered by Patrick Henry in St. John's Church in Richmond, which is Virginia's modern-day capital city.

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