What Are Some Interesting Historical Facts About the Little Nashville Opry House?


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The Little Nashville Opry House was located in Nashville, Indiana. It was a venue for country music performances from 1975 until 2009, when an arsonist burned it down.

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The Little Nashville Opry House was a 2,000-seat concert hall. Many well-known country music musicians performed there, including Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson.

In September 2009, the Little Nashville Opry House burned down. Authorities charged Jim Bowyer, the manager of the concert hall, with two counts of arson. Bowyer was also the companion of the Little Nashville Opry's House owner, Esther Hamilton, who was the beneficiary of the building's $3.6 million insurance policy.

Evidence presented at trial revealed that both Bowyer and Hamilton were experiencing financial difficulties at the time of the fire. They also gambled frequently. However, a jury acquitted Bowyer on the charges.

A new owner purchased the land with the intention of rebuilding the Little Nashville Opry House. Initially, the owner expected it would be open for business in 2013. As of 2015, the Little Nashville Opry House remains closed.

The town of Nashville, Indiana, has a population of 800, but as many as 2 million people visit annually. The loss of the Little Nashville Opry House has affected tourism, and some local businesses report drops in revenue as a result.

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