What Are Some Interesting Geographical Facts About New Brunswick?


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New Brunswick, Canada, located northeast of Maine, has some of the warmest saltwater beaches, highest tides and largest whirlpools in Canada. Despite its far north location, the saltwater beaches are warmer than anywhere north of Virginia. Furthermore, New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy boasts such high tides that the Saint John River flows backwards up to 75 miles down river twice a day. New Brunswick also has the second largest whirlpool, called Old Sow, in the world.

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New Brunswick, which covers more than 28,000 square miles and hosts a population of 751,000 people, is made up of the Appalachian Mountains, the New Brunswick Lowlands, the Miramichi River Valley, the Caledonia Highlands and the St. Croix Highlands. New Brunswick is bordered by Maine to the southwest, Quebec to the north, the gulf of St. Lawrence to the east and the Bay of Fundy to the south. Across the Bay of Fundy lies Nova Scotia.

The Appalachian Mountains run from Maine to northern New Brunswick, making the highest point of the province Mt. Carleton at 2,680 feet. South of this mountainous region is the Miramichi River Valley that runs from central New Brunswick east to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the New Brunswick Lowlands located in central New Brunswick to the east coast at the Northumberland Strait. The land rises toward the south coast at the Caledonia Highlands and the St. Croix Highlands that lie on either side of the Saint John River.

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