What Are Some Interesting Facts About Cruise Ships?


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An average day on a cruise ship involves the consumption of 1,150 pounds of bananas, 8,260 cups of coffee, 5,000 breakfast eggs, 2,000 steaks and 1,000 baked potatoes. Between 1990 and 2011, 79 fires occurred on cruise ships, making fires one of the top three mishaps aboard cruise vessels, alongside plumbing issues and running aground.

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Cruise ship sleeping quarters are pre-manufactured on land, then placed into slots on the ships and connected to the ship's power supply. Cabin manufacturers often build an average of more than 12,000 cabins a year.

With easy access to unarmed vacationers traveling with plenty of money and valuables, cruise ships are the target of pirate attacks, especially off the coast of Somalia in the Indian Ocean. After stealing goods, the pirates seek ransom for captured passengers. In their defense, cruise ships have sonic cannons, which are high-powered acoustic devices that fire massive sound and can impact hearing at over 900 feet away. The ships also feature high-pressure water hoses.

As of 2015, the largest cruise ships in the world are Royal Caribbean's "MS Allure of the Seas" and "MS Oasis of the Seas." The ships extend nearly four football fields in length and 16 decks high, with a capacity of over 6,000 passengers each. This makes them more than four times as heavy as the Titanic ship and 300 feet longer. In 2016, Royal Caribbean plans to unveil a newer, larger cruise ship called "Harmony of the Seas."

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