What Are Some Interesting Facts About the County of Chesterfield, Virginia?


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Interesting facts about the County of Chesterfield, Virginia include many firsts for the state, as well as the country, such as the site of the first iron furnace in the world, the first American hospital and the first school for deaf mutes. The first commercial tramway, which preceded railroads, originated in the County of Chesterfield, and it operated from a gunpowder plant to its storage facility over a mile away.

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Falling Creek, Bermuda Hundred and Midlothian, Virginia are towns within the County of Chesterfield that boast historical significance. Falling Creek, Virginia is the location of the first lead mines in America as well as the historic Old Stone Bridge, which is the first of its kind.

Bermuda Hundred, Virginia was the first incorporated town in America and is also where tobacco was first cultivated using scientific processes. The processes allowed for quicker mass production and preparation, helping to kickstart what would eventually become the tobacco industry.

Midlothian, Virginia is the site of the first commercially mined coal. This evolution in coal mining lead to processes that are used today for major energy and resource production and availability. Midlothian is also home to the Midlothian Turnpike, the first paved road in Virginia, as well as the Midlothian-Manchester Railroad, the first passenger railway in Virginia.

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