What Are Some Interesting Connecticut Facts for Kids?

What Are Some Interesting Connecticut Facts for Kids?

The largest river in New England, River Connecticut, gave the state its name. Connecticut comes from the Mohegan Native American word, "Quinnehtukqut" that means "Long River Place" or "Beside the Tidal River."

Connecticut is sometimes called "The Nutmeg State." During colonial times, the people of the state passed off wooden nutmegs in place of the real thing.

In 1901, Connecticut passed the first law to apply to cars. The state passed a law making the speed limit 12 miles per hour. In 1937, the state issued permanent license plates for cars, and it was the first state to do this.

Yale University issued the first medical degree in the United States in 1729. In 1861, Yale University issued the first Ph.D. in the United States for philosophy. In 1920, it was a Yale student who created the first Frisbee from a pie plate. He slung a pie plate from Mrs. Frisbie Pies around New Haven Green.

In 1895, Louie's Lunch served the first hamburger in the world. George Smith of Connecticut solved the problem of candy that was too large to fit in a child's mouth by putting candy on a stick. He named it after a famous racehorse, Lolly Pop.