What Are Some Interesting Facts About Colorado?

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Colorado?

Some interesting facts about Colorado are that it became the 38th state of the Union in 1876 during the presidency of Ulysses Grant, and it has the world's biggest wild elk herd and the biggest flat-top mountain in the world, called Mesa Grand. Some animals, plants and symbols associated with this state are the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, the lark bunting and the Rocky Mountain columbine.

The state flower is the Rocky Mountain columbine, and the state bird is the lark bunting. The state fish is the greenback cutthroat trout, while the state gem is aquamarine. The name Colorado means "red colored" in Spanish.

Colorado has 44 state parks, 11 national parks and 11 national forests. The states' nickname is the "Centennial State" because its admittance into the Union occurred in 1876, the 100th year marking the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

Colorado is famous for its different attractions, such as the Rocky Mountain National Forest, Dinosaur National Monuments and Pikes Peak. The Great Sand Dunes National Monument is another attraction, which features sand peaks that are as tall as 700 feet. The Pikes Peak Cog Railway has the distinction of being the highest railway train of this type in the world.

Through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the United States acquired Colorado. The capital of Colorado is Denver, which has the largest population with 634,265 inhabitants. Colorado Springs is home to the U.S. Air Force Academy. The land area of this state is 103,717 square miles.