What Are Some Interesting Facts About Bristol, Connecticut?


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Interesting facts about Bristol, Connecticut, are that the city is home to ESPN, its original industry was clock making, its industrial park employs over 800 people at 23 businesses and its Lake Compounce is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in the United States. Bristol has a population of 60,502, as of October 2015, and is located 20 miles west of Hartford, Connecticut, and 120 miles southwest of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Bristol was founded in 1833. The city has several distinct sections, including Forestville, Chippens Hill and Edgewood. The Forestville area was originally the hunting grounds for the Tunxis tribe.

Bristol's nicknames include "Bell City," because of its history of manufacturing spring-driven doorbells, and "Mum City," because of its history of growing chrysanthemums. Local growers produced over 80,000 chrysanthemums every year until 1986. The city held its first Mum Festival on July 7, 1962 to highlight positive changes in the city. City officials changed Bristol's slogan to "All Heart" in 2014 and encouraged Mum Festival leaders to use the new image.

Bristol is home to several unique museums, including the New England Carousel Museum, the American Clock & Watch Museum and the Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum. Other attractions include the 70-acre Harry Barnes Memorial Nature Center and Muzzy Field, one of the United States' oldest ballparks. The Little League New England and Mid-Atlantic Regional Playoffs occur in Bristol each August.

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