What Are Some Interesting Facts About Barcelona?


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Some interesting facts about Barcelona are that the city's beaches are artificial and that the city's residents built the Columbus Monument in 1888 for the World Exposition. Barcelona features architectural designs from Antoni Gaudi, including the Sagrada Familia cathedral and the Casa Mila.

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Barcelona's coast featured only industry until 1992. In 1992, Barcelona hosted the Summer Olympics and the city decided to create artificial beaches for public entertainment. Restaurants, nightclubs and hotels line Barcelona's beaches. Mild winters and cool summers make Barcelona's beaches a year-round destination.

In 2013, the city completed restoration of the Columbus Monument. The Columbus Monument connects Ramblas and Passeig de Colon, two major roads in the city. The monument celebrates Columbus' first discovery voyage to America.

Antoni Guadi designed Barcelona's Sagrada Família cathedral. The cathedral stands 984 meters. Despite the cathedral's impressive height, Gaudi's design preference was for the cathedral to remain shorter than Montjuic mountain. The Montjuic mountain rises 984 feet above sea level.

Construction began on the cathedral in 1882. Architect Francesc del Villar also worked on the project but he resigned approximately one year into the project. Casa Milà is another of Gaudi's works in Barcelona. Gaudi's work is representative of the Art Nouveau architectural movement that swept Europe between 1880 and 1950. Some call the Casa Milà an alive house because the building's winding curves make it appear living.

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