What Are Some Interesting Facts About Auburndale, Florida?

The city of Auburndale, Florida, is located 10 miles ast of Lakeland and 41 miles east of the Tampa area. It is situated 28.07 degrees north of the Equator and 81.79 degrees west of the Prime Meridian.The formal boundaries of the city cover a land area of 13.48 square miles and a water area of 6.91 square miles, respectively.

Auburndale is a city in Polk County. It forms part of the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area and lies within the Central Florida Highlands region, which has a terrain consisting of alternating flatbeds and gently rolling hills.

John Ledue was the first person to settle in Auburndale in 1873. Frank Fuller founded the city in 1884 while seeking relief from the cold winter weather in the Northeast United States. After the construction of the first railroad, setters changed the name of the city from Sanatoria, which referred to a hotel located nearby, to Auburndale, in honor of Auburndale, Massachussetts. In the early years, the city served as a refuge for some of the most prominent artists in America.

The Polk County School Board operates the public schools in Auburndale. As of 2015, the city has five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school.