What Information Is in a Washington, D.C., Travel Guide?

information-washington-d-c-travel-guide Credit: Pixabay
A Washington, D.C., travel guide contains information for visitors about the city, such as restaurants, lodging and main attractions. Washington, D.C. travel guides may also recommend historic places of interest.

Washington, D.C., is a vibrant city with many amenities. It is the nation's capital, which means it has a considerable amount of history-related sites. Visitors to Washington, D.C., may be looking for specific things to do while they are in town, or they might want general guidelines about when to go and places that they might want to visit. Travel guides present a wide range of information to accommodate the needs of many types of travelers.

Places to See
One popular category in travel guides is interesting or iconic places that visitors can go, such as museums. With dozens to choose from, Washington, D.C., is a particularly good place to visit for people who enjoy museums. It also has a number of monuments and memorials. Among the museums in Washington D.C., some of the most recognizable are the Smithsonian museums. These are a collection of museums that cover many topics, including the arts and sciences. The Smithsonian museum collection also includes a zoo. One of the largest Smithsonian museums is the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which is one of the biggest and most comprehensive American art exhibits in the world. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, which opened in 1910, honors the wonders of the natural world. This museum contains more than 126 million specimens and natural artifacts. American history is also a common theme in Washington, D.C., attractions. For a bit of history, the National Archives Building and Museum is one place to go. Tourists also enjoy the National Postal Museum, which pays tribute to the country's postal services since they started.

Restaurants and Dining
As with other cities, food is a priority in Washington, D.C. The city has an array of restaurants and eateries to choose from that cover cuisine from around the world. The nation's capital has a diverse mix of ethnic restaurants, including Greek, Italian and Japanese. Dining options in Washington, D.C., range from informal and casual to hip, upscale eateries.

When to Visit
Some people like to plan their trips based on seasonal events and the weather. Washington, D.C., is a particularly attractive city in the spring when cherry blossoms lining the streets are in full bloom. Fall is also a nice time of year to visit Washington, D.C. Around the winter holidays, the White House Christmas tree, which is visible to the public, is decorated with festive lights. Theaters around the city put on classic Christmas performances throughout the holiday season. Summers are generally hot and humid in Washington, D.C., and travel can be less pleasant then.

Sometimes, people can plan their trips to Washington, D.C., as they go, but some attractions require making reservations in advance. People wishing to visit the White House, for example, must provide a request to tour the presidential home at least 21 days' before they plan to visit. Requests must be submitted through a congressional representative for American citizens. Foreign nationals must submit their request to visit the White House through their embassy. Before traveling to Washington, D.C., people often book lodging in advance, and they may book a rental car or purchase tickets for transportation. People wishing to attend shows and performances often buy tickets in advance.