How Do You Get Information on River Levels During a Flood?


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A number of government websites provide warnings and information about flooding rivers, including Water.Weather.gov. This site provides a map of U.S. rivers and over 7,000 gauges. A color-coded key indicates the flood levels of the rivers. NOAA also provides a website with live flood updates that is only active during weather emergencies.

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The U.S. National Weather Service delivers online updates regarding river floods on its website. NWS flood forecasts include instructions on what to do during a flood emergency. Information in NWS forecasts also includes the location of a flood warning, the warning's duration, details about the flood stages of particular rivers, and the flood impact area.

The U.S. Geological Survey website provides a link to the NWS flood map. The USGS has a program called WaterWatch that tracks flood conditions across the United States. The service also provides links to additional resources, such as a flood event viewer, flood inundation mapping, a water monitor and flood forecasts.

Weather.com includes live updates of flood emergency conditions, including video presentations by meteorologists that describe river conditions. Weather.com also offers flood safety and preparedness stories from around the world. These videos offer advice on how to survive devastating flood conditions and give information on what to do during food shortages and power outages.

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