How Do You Find Information on the Phoenix Airport Terminal?


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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport features three separate terminals, and the best way to find information on each is to consult the individual terminal maps. Each map shows the terminal's gates, which airlines use those gates, passenger services and on-site restaurants and entertainment venues. Third-party sites are also options.

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Phoenix Airport offers free wireless Internet throughout, so the terminal maps can be accessed while on site. Passengers who want a hard copy may also print information out before arrival or locate terminal maps, which are found throughout the airport.

Examples of third-party sites include individual airline carriers or the World Airport Guide. One example of airline terminal information is on the U.S. Airways' website. It shows basic information for Terminal 4, the area where the airline's gates are located.

World Airport Guide is a useful website because it puts all the basic information on one specific page. Passengers can read the summary for all the terminals and services, and then opt to pull up specific airlines for contact information if necessary. Terminal and local city maps are also available. The terminal maps on the official airport website are more detailed, but the World Airport Guide gives a good overview of the airport layout. Additional information options tabs are located on the left sidebar..

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