What Information Is Needed to Complete the Guyana Passport Renewal Form?


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As of 2015, Guyanese nationals must fill out a new passport application to receive the machine-readable passports, since the green Guyanese passports phased out and are no longer valid, notes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana. A person who wants to renew his Guyanese passports needs to fill out the application with his signature, and include the signature and phone number of a recommender. The exact information required depends on the applicant's age and status.

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An applicants must present his previous passport, a completed application, two color passport pictures, and an original birth certificate, as well as any additional relevant document, such as a change of name certificate. These documents go to the Guyanese Consulate when submitting an application for the new passport, explains the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana. A person who recommends the applicant, such as a police officer or professional engineer, must provide his official stamp and state that he has knows the applicant for at least two years. The Guyanese Consulate requires a notarized affidavit for an applicant under 18 years old if one of his parents cannot appear before the Consulate officials during the application process and submission. Legal guardians must present proof of guardianship. Both legal guardians and parents must show their passports to the Consulate officials.

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