What Is Some Information About Labadee, Haiti?


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Labadee, Haiti, is a private beach resort that encompasses 260 acres of the country's heavily wooded northern coast. The area occupied by this exclusive property was chartered by Royal Caribbean International cruise line from the Haitian government.

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Explorer Christopher Columbus is credited for discovering the Labadee peninsula in 1492. In 1986, Royal Caribbean leased the site and developed the area into one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. On a weekly basis, thousands of visitors, particularly Americans, flock to this remote promontory, which is only accessible by cruise ship. Since its foundation, Royal Caribbean's Labadee is one of the largest sources of revenue for Haiti's tourist industry.

Labadee's allure and captivating beauty stem from its pristine sandy beaches, lagoon-like bays, coral reefs and stunning landscape that make this private enclosure an inviting place for travel enthusiasts. Aside from these natural attractions, the resort also offers various recreational activities, such as snorkeling, banana boating, kayaking, parasailing and power watersports. Visitors can also enjoy the Dragon's Breath Flight Line, which stretches for 2,600 feet. This over-the-water zip-line is said to be the longest in the world, claims Royal Caribbean.

Other amenities in Labadee include an ocean-view spa facility, beach volleyball courts, island-vibe clubs and Adventure Ocean, a youth-oriented program organized by Royal Caribbean. Additionally, vacationers can also buy souvenirs from Labadee's "Artisan Market," which is within the fenced resort. An off-premise vending area called "Artisan's Village" also offers trinkets and other tokens that are sold by licensed native merchants.

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