What Information Does a Gas Fuel Sizing Chart Provide?


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Gas fuel sizing charts provide information about the consumption of gas. They give details about the fuel efficiency of equipment and motor vehicles. They also draw a comparison among the gas fuel efficiency of different machinery or with other sources of power.

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Gas fuel sizing charts use assumption to draw a comparison of gas fuel usage of different equipment. The comparison, for example, between a fuel-efficient car and a normal car helps to make factual conclusions on which vehicle to invest in. The consumption of both vehicles over a projected period on these charts determines their present values.

These charts give a break-down of mile-per-gallon of gas consumption. Some charts give details on generators' depletion of gas based on their size. Different sizes of generators have varying intake. The larger the size of the generator in terms of kilowatt hour, the more the gas burn-up. Other factors such the number of years of the generator and its components also weigh-in on the consumption rate.

Other gas fuel charts compare the productivity of a gasoline versus an electric vehicle. The assumptions vary from chart to chart and determine the applicability of a gas fuel sizing chart. These charts also compare different car models. Power calculators and electrical formula go into the preparation of the gas fuel sizing chart.

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