How Do You Find Information on Florida State Parks?

How Do You Find Information on Florida State Parks?

Visitors can find information on Florida State Parks by visiting the official Florida State Parks website maintained by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The site provides information about park rules, events, activities, fees, educational opportunities, and information about specific parks. Examples of Florida State Parks include Amelia Island State Park, Bald Point State Park, Camp Helen State Park and Eden Gardens State Park.

Visitors can use the following steps to view information on Florida State Parks that match their desired region, amenities and activities.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the Florida State Parks website and click on "Parks Filtered Search" in the "Find a Park" drop-down menu.

  3. Choose information for filtering
  4. Filter the list by region, amenities and activities. Regions available are Northwest, Northeast, Central, Southwest and Southeast. Examples of activities to include are hiking nature trails, wildlife viewing, birding and campfire circles. Examples of amenities include beach, camping, historic site and gardens. Visitors can also choose whether they want a park or trail, whether it should be pet friendly and whether they need wheelchair accessibility.

  5. Search for parks
  6. Click on "Search" to view a list of parks that match the search parameters.

  7. Choose a park to learn more
  8. Click on the link to a specific park to learn more about it.