What Are Some Facts About Indiana for Kids?


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Indiana is the first state that held a long-distance automobile race and the first professional baseball game. It is also the home of some major historical figures, including Abraham Lincoln, who lived there for part of his formative years.

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The first long-distance car race took place in Indianapolis, Indiana, on May 30, 1911. The top speed at the time was only 75 miles per hour, with today's races reaching more than twice this original speed. The Indianapolis 500 is still held every year in the same month. Indiana boasts other firsts in the sports world such as the first professional baseball game in 1871 at Fort Wayne.

Abraham Lincoln spent his formative years in Indiana from 7 years old throughout his teenage years. Celebrities David Letterman and James Dean were both born in the state, although James Dean died 24 years later. Pork and beans was invented in Indiana as well as Raggedy Ann dolls.

Parts of Indiana once belonged to France until the late 1700s. Up until the French and Indian War, the French were the first settlers in the area, and Rene-Robert Cavalier sierur de la Salle was the first explorer. Indiana became part of New France until they surrendered it to Great Britain in the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

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