Where Is the Indian Ocean Located?

The Indian Ocean spans from the east coast of Africa and south coast of Asia to the west coast of Australia and down to the Southern Ocean. The Southern Ocean isn't always recognized as an official ocean, so some sources extend the Indian Ocean all the way down to Antarctica.

The Indian Ocean is the third-largest ocean by area at just over 28.3 million square miles. The largest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean, which is over double the size of the Indian Ocean at approximately 64.2 million square miles. Following the Pacific is the Atlantic, which measures at about 33 million square miles. The remaining oceans on Earth are the Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean, which are both much smaller than the others.

The Indian Ocean is known for its vast quantity of oil and high temperature. It also shares a border with many countries, such as India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Some island countries, such as Madagascar, are completely contained within the ocean.

The northernmost part of the ocean contains a high amount of monsoons during the year, which are extremely strong rains. While there are variations like any other body of water, the Indian Ocean as a whole circulates around counter-clockwise.