What Is Included in the Interval World Resort Directory?


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Some information contained in the Interval World Resort Directory includes resort descriptions, listings of amenities, activities to do in regions and photos. The Interval directory is a product of Interval International, which is a company that operates membership programs for vacationers and value-added services to developer clients globally.

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The Interval World Resort Directory is an online resource that allows holiday goers to sample destinations across the world. This resource aims at equipping people from around the world with important information to make travels or vacations more enjoyable. Below are some of the things vacationers can find in the Interval World Resort Directory.

The directory offers a listing of the various resorts around the world. Users are required to enter a region within the Search field and submit the query. This brings up a list of vacation resorts within the region. Searches can be refined to include codes, names or interests.

Once a listing of resorts is displayed, users can click on any link they wish. This will send them to a new page containing the description of the particular resort. The directory allows users to compare the various amenities available in each resort location. Users can also learn about the most popular activities taking place in each resort destination.

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