How Do You Improve the Education System in India?

improve-education-system-india Credit: Anna Henly/Stone/Getty Images

To improve the education system in India, teacher salaries and sense of worth need to be increased, the curriculum needs to be more creative to resemble a dynamic versus dogmatic style, educational institutions need to operate as for-profit systems versus nonprofit and the schools should include input from industry professionals. Networking with alumni can also help improve the education system in India and provide more opportunities for students.

To improve the educational environment in India, a key change would be to increase salaries of instructors to attract qualified individuals who are compensated for going above and beyond in the classroom. A well-paid teacher may have more resources and confidence in presenting innovative classroom projects, hands-on training and assignments. The curriculum should also eliminate outdated or stale theories of teaching, presenting materials and exam practices. For example, measurements of student performance and outcomes could be based on more projects and innovative assignments versus solely on exams.

Another improvement in the best interest of the education system in India would be to move into for-profit educational programs, allowing funds to provide updated resources and advanced technology in the classroom. Incorporating alumni and industry professionals into the curriculum also exposes students to networking opportunities and real-life examples of the ins and outs of a particular career.