What Are Some Important Travel Tips to Know Before Traveling to Morocco?


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Travelers are advised to visit Morocco during the spring, since summer and winter weather can be unpleasant. If visiting during Ramadam, visitors should plan for restaurants to be closed during the day. Learning a few basic words of Arabic, the primary language spoken in Morocco, is recommended.

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What Are Some Important Travel Tips to Know Before Traveling to Morocco?
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Bargaining is a friendly part of the culture in Morocco, so visitors are advised to take part in bartering rather than paying the first price offered by a merchant. Carrying small change in one's pockets comes in handy, since tipping is common and encouraged in Morocco. Visitors should prepare to tip between five and 10 percent of the bill at a restaurant. Taxi drivers, tour guides and other service people should be given a few dirham as a tip.

Many travelers find taxis to be a great way to get around in Morocco. However, visitors are advised that a large taxi that holds six people does not depart until all seats are full. Women traveling solo are advised to pay for both front seats in a large taxi for themselves. Sometimes women traveling alone in Morocco may garner unwanted attention, including cries of "gazelle." They are advised to ignore this attention, avoid making eye contact and threaten to contact the police if they feel uncomfortable.

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