What Are Some Important Locations on a Map of Virginia?

What Are Some Important Locations on a Map of Virginia?

Important locations on the Virginia state map include Arlington, Shenandoah National Park, Richmond, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. The combination of historical sites, sandy beaches, scenery and recreational opportunities make these five destinations very popular among tourists.

At the south bank of the Potomac River, directly across from Washington D.C., is Arlington County, the site of 624-acre Arlington National Cemetery. The historic military cemetery traces its roots to the Civil War and attracts up to three million visitors annually.

Just west of the nation's capital are the Blue Ridge Mountains, home to Shenandoah National Park. The scenic Skyline Drive stretches 105 miles from its northern entrance at Front Royal to the southern access point near Waynesboro.

The capital city of Richmond is one of America's oldest and the site of Patrick Henry's 1775 "Give me liberty or give me death" speech at St. John's Church. The eastern city once served as the capital of the Confederacy.

The largest city in the state is also the biggest tourist locale. Millions of visitors head to Virginia Beach each year to enjoy its sprawling sands of the South Atlantic, zoos and aquariums, restaurants, water sports and live entertainment.

The state's original capital of Williamsburg played a significant role in the American Revolution; the historical Colonial district boasts a plethora of 18th-century museums. The water rides and thrilling roller coasters of nearby Busch Gardens are also popular.