What Are Some Important Locations on a Map of the Balkans?


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Important locations on a map of the Balkan peninsula include Sarajevo, Athens, Sofia, Belgrade and Bucharest. These are the capital cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, respectively.

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Other important cities include Zagreb, Ljubljana, Tirana, Podgorica and Skopje. These are the capital cities of Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia, respectively. Chi?in?u is the capital of the Republic of Moldova. Important cities that are not capitals include Istanbul, Thessaloiniki, Varna and Constan?a. These cities are located in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, respectively.

There are 12 countries located on the Balkan peninsula. However, only a small part of Turkey is considered part of the region, with the rest of the country considered to be in Asia. The countries bordering the Adriatic Sea, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, are considered the "Western Balkans."

Turkey is the most populated of the Balkan states, with a population of 75,837,020, but not all of Turkey is in the Balkans. Romania is the most populated state entirely within the Balkans, with a population of 21,640,168. It is followed by Greece, with a population of 11,128,404. Serbia is next with 9,468,378 residents. The next most populous states are Bulgaria, with 7,167,998 people, Croatia, with 4,272,044 people, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 3,824,746 people, and Moldova, with 3,461,380 people.

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