How Do You Immigrate Into the United States?


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Although there are many sub-categories for qualification based on special needs, those seeking to immigrate to the United States typically need to establish that they require entry for employment or familial reasons. Additionally, the amount of people who may immigrate to the United States under each category is limited.

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The immigration process takes several years to complete and various criteria must be met along the way on order for those seeking to enter the country can proceed. The first criteria is establishing eligibility for the relevant visa under which prospective immigrants wish to enter the country. Typically, someone seeking to immigrate for employment reasons must have sponsorship from a business that can establish it has conducted an unsuccessful search for American candidates who can perform the same job as those seeking immigration. Those who wish to immigrate for familial reasons must establish themselves as an immediate relative to a citizen or someone living permanently in the United States.

Once the visa has been approved, candidates must submit the appropriate forms to United States Immigration and Nationalization. Individuals seeking immigration to the United States must also establish that they can financially support themselves or have sufficient support living in the country. Once all paperwork is submitted, prospective immigrants and their families must complete an interview process. Following the interview process, applicants are advised whether their immigrant visa has been approved or denied. If approved, they are free to seek entry into the country as immigrants by presenting all required approved documentation to United States Customs Officials.

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