What Images Do Global Maps Tend to Show?


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Depending on the specific type of global map, the features shown can include geography and physical, elevation, latitude and longitude lines, continents and the different hemispheres. Another type of map is a political world map. A geography world map can show topographical features, such as the different types of landforms and bodies of water around the world.

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The types of landforms are maintains, plateaus, plains, valleys and deserts. Similarly, a geography map can also present the different bodies of water, including the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Nile and Ganges rivers and Lake Tanganyika in Africa. Elevations and depressions of different world regions are depicted by using various colors.

Some other types of world maps show the longitude and latitude lines along with important lines, such as the equator and prime meridian. The equator is the zero latitude line that is also the dividing line between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The prime meridian is at zero degrees longitude and is the demarcation line between the Eastern and Western hemispheres. These types of maps can also show the different continents, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.

Political maps can show the land borders and maritime boundaries between countries of the world. There are also global population and climate maps that are also available. The Maps of World and World Atlas websites have many of these different types of maps. The All Countries site provides world climate maps.

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