How Do You Identify Plants That Grow in Canada?

To identify plants that grow in Canada, there are various online resources available, including, and These websites offer plant profile databases that require entering specific plant characteristics into a search tool. provides a regular and an advanced search tool that requires information such as keywords, plant type, plant category and flowering period. The different types of plant types include trees, shrubs, wildflowers, weeds, perennials, annuals and bulbs. It is also possible to search for plants by their common or botanical names. After entering the required information, a results page displays the names of plants that meet the criteria; clicking on the various plant names on the list redirects to a page with plant information and pictures for identification.

At, there is a database that can be used to identify native and invasive plant species found in Canada. The advanced search tool has a very detailed and extensive listing of search parameters including province, common name, scientific name, genus, family, growing conditions, habitat, and flowering, fruit or seed information and characteristics along with other miscellaneous criteria.

Similarly, has a native plant encyclopedia with a quick and detailed search tool. Enter the plant type and province to do a quick search. With this information, a results page, which has pictures of the different plants that meet the search criteria, is displayed. A detailed search involves more search parameters such as flower color, zone, plant attributes and light and moisture requirements.