How Do You Identify the Cheapest Gas Price in an Area?


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GasBuddy.com is a website offering a useful tool that identifies the cheapest gas in an area. The site asks for the Zip code or town name and then lists the nearby gas stations in order of cheapest to most expensive.

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How Do You Identify the Cheapest Gas Price in an Area?
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GasBuddy also has other useful features. The site has a Trip Planner tab that calculators fuel costs for a road trip. The site also provides averages of gas per state, region and for the United States as a whole.

If a driver does not have access to GasBuddy.com and they are looking for gas, there are other ways to locate the cheapest gas in the area. GasBuddy notes that retail stores that also offer gas stations tend to be cheaper, as the gas station is mainly there to lure customers. Gas stations attached to auto-body repair shops are often the most costly. Gas stations near highways are often more expensive than those located slightly off the beaten path. Another good tip is for drivers to fill their tanks mid-week, as gas prices often increase on Thursday before the weekend, according to Forbes.

Quickly accelerating and braking can also be a huge fuel-guzzler. Another good idea is for drivers looking to keep fuel costs down is to keep their tires properly inflated. A single under-inflated tire increases fuel consumption by 1 percent, reports GasBuddy.

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