How Do You View a House by Address?

How Do You View a House by Address?

To view a house by its address, go to Google Maps and enter the desired address into the search box. Locations that have been captured by Google Street View will display on the site. Google Street View is available in many cities and rural areas throughout the world.

Use the following steps to view a photo of a house by its address.

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Visit the Google Maps website by choosing "Maps" from the main Google home page or typing into the browser.

  3. Enter the address
  4. Enter the number, street, city and state or country for the desired house in the text box on the upper left of the screen.

  5. View the map
  6. Click on the magnifying glass to display a map of the location. Streets that are available for viewing through Google Street View will been shown on the map with blue lines.

  7. View the photo
  8. Select the yellow person icon in the lower right and drag it to the location on the map. A photo of the house will display. The month and year the photo was taken will also display.

  9. Rotate the photo
  10. Google Street View shows panoramic images of the area. Click on the arrows to rotate the photo and view the house from different angles.