How Do You Get a Hotel Voucher for a Free Night?

Using hotel rewards programs and credit cards, booking rooms in blocks and taking advantage of overbooking are different ways that travelers can earn vouchers for free hotel stays. Signing up for a certain credit card that is associated with a hotel rewards program allows travelers to earn extra points for everyday purchases beyond reward points earned through hotel stays alone.

Signing up for and using reward programs offers travelers opportunities to either accumulate enough reward points via multiple stays or book enough nights in single sittings to achieve free stays.

If booking a large number of rooms, travelers should inquire about the comp ratio, which provides a free room alongside the large room block. Commonly, comp ratios of 20:1 or 30:1 mean that the hotel offers one free room for every 20 or 30 rooms booked.

Because hotels routinely overbook due to a 10-percent guest no-show rate, there is the chance that a traveler who is checking in is denied a room. If this happens, the hotel is obligated to provide a free stay at a comparable hotel in the area. Travelers may be able to negotiate other types of reimbursement, including reward points equal to a free night's stay.