How Do You Get Hotel Rooms With Private Hot Tubs?

To find hotel rooms with private hot tubs, visit a hotel booking site such as or, and perform a search. Both sites offer search filters that let visitors find hotels based on room amenities.

To find a hotel room with a private hot tub on, navigate to the site, and enter the destination city into the search tool on the home page. Click a box under the destination city to indicate whether you are traveling for work or leisure, and then check the box to indicate whether you know the specific travel date. Choose the number of guests from the drop-down menu, and then click Search. From the list of hotels presented in the search results, scroll down on the left side of the Filter By section to the Room Facility section, and click the box next to Spa Tub to filter the results and show only the rooms with spa tubs.

On, find hotel rooms with private hot tubs by entering your destination city in the search box on the home page and clicking Search. Filter the search results by clicking the Extra Filters tab on the left side of the results page, scrolling to the Wellness/Spa tab and then clicking the box next to Whirlpool/Jacuzzi.