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HopStop is an online navigation service that gives directions to people who use public transportation in over 300 cities worldwide. HopStop is available as a website and an application for Apple devices.

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HopStop offers door-to-door walking directions to those who prefer to travel by foot. HopStop highlights bike routes, wheelchair-accessible routes and stroller friendly routes if the user selects these options when searching for directions. HopStop also gives directions to taxi users, while additionally estimating the travel time and fare in the process. However, HopStop is generally used to navigate by bus and subway. HopStop informs the user of planned service changes or breaking news alerts involving public transportation. Besides its primary purpose of direction-giving, HopStop also has city guides to help users discover local attractions, hotels and restaurants.

HopStop is available for usage in most U.S. cities with public transportation systems, including New York City, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Chicago is a notable omission from HopStop's coverage. HopStop also serves Canadian cities such as Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and Victoria, British Columbia. HopStop has coverage in several large European cities as well, including London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Other international cities covered by HopStop include Sydney, Moscow and Jerusalem.

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