What Is The Holy Land Experience in Florida?


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The Holy Land Experience in Florida is a reconstruction of locations from the Bible, intended as a family-friendly and educational tourist attraction. The park is housed within perimeter walls, similar to ancient Jerusalem, and features historically faithful architectural styles. Some of the key educational attractions are reconstructions of the Garden Tomb, the Qumran Dead Sea Caves, the Great Temple and Plaza and the Wilderness Tabernacle.

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The Garden Tomb is described as an exact replica of Christ's burial place, detailed both internally and externally. Likewise, the Temple Plaza features historically faithful Roman columns and white stone. The Temple itself is a replica of the Jewish temple at Mount Moriah in Jerusalem during the first century AD.

The park also features musical performances retelling stories from both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, including miracles and the events of Jesus' life. Visitors can also learn about the key attractions of the park by listening to lectures from the Holy Land Experience's Biblical archaeology team. Meanwhile, the Scriptorium: Center for Biblical Antiquities chronicles the evolution and translation of the Bible into English.

Some other Bible-themed attractions within the park are Christus Gardens, the Jerusalem Street Market, the House of Judea, Esther's Banquet Hall and Prayer Gardens.

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