What Holidays Are Celebrated in Turkey?


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Secular holidays in Turkey include New Year's Day, National Sovereignty and Children's Day, Republic Day, Commemoration of Ataturk and Victory Day. Religious holidays include Ramazan Bayrami and Kurban Bayrami.

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What Holidays Are Celebrated in Turkey?
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Turkey celebrates New Year's Day on January 1, and it is an official holiday. The observance of National Sovereignty and Children's Day occurs on April 23rd, the anniversary of the first Grand National Assembly of Turkey that took place in 1920 in Ankara. Children also symbolically take over the parliament and country and even elect a president on this day, and many children's festivals are held.

The Commemoration of Ataturk is celebrated on May 19 and honors Ataturk's landing at Samsun in 1919 and the start of the Turkish War of Independence. The day is also referred to as Youth and Sports Day because it's also dedicated to children, who participate in many sporting events for the holiday.

Turkey celebrates Victory Day and Republic Day on August 30 and October 29, respectively. Victory Day commemorates the victory over invading forces in 1922, while Republic Day is the anniversary of the nation's establishment as a republic in 1923.

The religious holidays of Ramazan Bayrami and Kurban Bayrami are often referred to as the Sugar Feast and Feast of the Sacrifice, respectively. The observance of Ramazan Bayrami is festival marking the end of the Ramadan fasting period that is celebrated by eating candies. Kurban Bayrami is a festival in which animals are slaughtered and their meats distributed to the poor. These religious days fall on different days in a given year according to the Islamic calendar.

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