What Is the History of Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas?

The Memorial Hospital system was founded in 1907 by Reverend Dennis Pevoto and was originally known as the Baptist Sanatorium. When George H. Hermann died in 1914, he willed a large portion of his estate to the hospital. Memorial-Hermann Hospital opened in 1925 and was the first to operate in what became the Texas Medical Center. This was one of many firsts among Texas hospitals. Hermann Hospital and the Memorial Healthcare System merged in 1997.

George H. Hermann, a prominent local businessman, donated a large portion of his $2.6 million estate for a public hospital “for the benefit of the poor, indigent and infirm residents of the City of Houston.” He died before he could see the hospital's opening. The city of Houston annexed the hospital's site in 1922 and added 1,000 acres before the hospital opened in 1925.

In 1943, it was the first hospital in Texas to receive a shipment of penicillin. In 1976, the Texas Medical Center founded Life Flight, the first aero-medical service in Texas and second in the United States. In 1985, the first successful liver transplant took place at the hospital. In 1992, it was also the first hospital in the nation to perform a living-donor transplant on a neonatal patient.

Today, the Memorial Healthcare System is consistently voted among the top hospitals in the nation and continues to lead the health care industry.