What Is the History of Fort Hood, Texas?


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Fort Hood, located in Killeen, Texas, started out as Camp Hood on January 14, 1942, roughly five weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The United States was suddenly in World War II and Camp Hood was designed to perfect and test anti-tank guns bound for Germany. Toward the end of the war, German POWs were held at what was still Camp Hood.

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After World War II was over, Fort Hood entered a quiet period where the soldier population dropped from roughly 100,000 down to 1,700. Then the Korean War was underway and Fort Hood became a permanent facility. This time the goal was to train soldiers. Elvis Presley trained there in 1958.

Roughly 50,000 acres were added to the fort in 1953, followed by more land throughout the 1950s and 1960s, making it one of the world's largest military facilities. During Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the 1990s, thousands of troops deployed from Fort Hood to hot spots in the Middle East.

Fort Hood changed the landscape around Killeen, Texas. In 1942, the area was populated by roughly 300 families and was largely rural. As of 2014, Fort Hood had a population of 65,000, including families. Fort Hood brings in a considerable cash flow to Killeen and surrounding towns.

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